Things I Watched in January


Hey guys! So I said in my January Wrap up that I wanted to also talk about the movies I watched last month; but didn’t want to make that post longer than it needed to me. Instead, I’m writing this post where I ramble over the movies I watched. Truthfully they were all rewatches except for one; but I just really want to talk about them, so I’m making this post. Maybe I’ll do this every month, maybe not. It’ll just depend on how many movies I watch. Anyway, let’s just get into the movies that I watched.

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January Wrap Up

wrap up

Hey guys! Can you believe January is finally over, it feels like it lasted 74 years; but anyway, that means it’s time for a monthly wrap-up. I had meant to get this up sooner, but life had other plans for me this week since I was either working or in bed with a stomach bug off and on this week. Anyway, this was a great reading month for me since I read 12 things this month and enjoyed every one of them. I also watched a lot of movies that I want to talk about but this post is going to be long enough as it is, so I’ll probably have a movie wrap up coming in a few days.

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November Wrap Up

nov wrap up

So this is kind of late, oops. And when I finally got around to having the time to write this out – I was consumed with Queen of Air and Darkness. Anyway, that’s not what this post is about; this post is about all the books I read in November.  I read ten things in the month of November and I enjoyed everything I read so it was a great reading month. Of course, seven of those things were Cassandra Clare books. Without further ado, let’s just talk about the books I read this month.

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October Wrap Up

oct wrap up

So um, November is almost over and I still haven’t put up my October wrap up. And at first, I was just going to combine it with my November wrap up because I only read two books; but then I read a crap ton in November and I don’t want that blog post to be super long – so we’re just going to put it up super late. And I’m also going to talk about the few movies that I watched this month as well.

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September Wrap Up

sept wrap up.jpg

So um, we’re just going to ignore the fact that I have been M.I.A from this blog yet again, right? Well the reason behind that was because in September, I finally got a job – so I’ve been working constantly; and when I wasn’t working, I was probably sleeping. Adulting is hard y’all – can I go back to being a child??? Anyway, I’m finally getting into the swing of things after a month and am going to slowly be posting on this blog on a more regular basis again. So with that out of the way, let’s just get into the two books I read in September – one of which being a reread and a short story collection (so not a great reading month for me).

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August Wrap Up

august wrap up

So um, yeah this may just be a bit late and I have disappeared from this blog a little bit. But a lot has kind of happened in the last few weeks.  For starters, I turned 22 so that’s exciting and there’s been some personal things that I’ve needed to deal with. And I also started working at JCPenney (and want to kill every shopper who makes a mess of fitting rooms – y’all suck) so I’ve been busy with that. Anyway, let’s just get into the two books that I read this month!

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