October Wrap Up

oct wrap up

So um, November is almost over and I still haven’t put up my October wrap up. And at first, I was just going to combine it with my November wrap up because I only read two books; but then I read a crap ton in November and I don’t want that blog post to be super long – so we’re just going to put it up super late. And I’m also going to talk about the few movies that I watched this month as well.

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Halloween Icons Book Tag


So I know Halloween is technically over and I suck at getting anything up in a timely manor; but we’re just going to ignore that for two reasons. One, I don’t care and two, Halloween is my favorite holiday and I wanted to do this tag and as I type this, I still have 30 minutes left of Halloween.

Anyway, I can’t remember who I saw do this tag but it was created by Vynexa over on booktube. So go check out her video if you haven’t already and would like to.

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