2018 Bookish Goals Update

goals update

So I’ve been putting this off and putting it off because I didn’t want to see how much I was failing. But today, I thought “screw it” and I’m going to just do it. So we’re going to see how well I’ve been doing with this so far.

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Only A Breathe Apart by Katie McGarry | Cover Reveal

Hey everyone! So I’m here with some pretty exciting news if I do say so myself! I was given the opportunity of a book that I’m very excited about. Below is all the information that you need.

OnlyABreathApart Banner

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Mid Year Freak Out Book Tag | Tag Tuesday

mid year freak out.jpg

So, I haven’t posted in a bit again because to be completely honest, I’ve just been lazy and I haven’t wanted to post, so I haven’t. I’m also in the middle of trying to think of blog posts to do, so in the mean time I thought I’d do a tag since it was Tuesday and I haven’t done a tag in a while.

I saw charlotteannelise do this tag and it looked like fun and I’ve seen it around booktube a bunch too, so I decided to finally do it.

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Summer Cramathon Readathon TBR (June 10-June 17)


So the Cramathaon is a week long readathaon hosted by Dylan @ dylanthereader5, Ali @ hardbackhoarder, Jay @ the awkward book worm and Julia @ JewlSapphire where you basically just try and cram as much reading as you can into a short period of time. Now I’ve never participated in this before; but I decided to give it a go this time around because I really enjoyed the challenges.So without furthur ado, let’s get into my TBR for the week.

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May Wrap Up

may wrap up

So May was a pretty busy month for me what with it being the last few weeks of the semester, graduation, and family issues (anniversary of my mom’s death, grandma’s funeral). But I still managed to read four books this month which was pretty good for me and I loved every thing I read. I’ve also been watching a lot of television this month so with that as well, four books is great. So it was a pretty great reading month.

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